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Infos D-CHAR Quand la langue cesse de parler c’est la melody qui nous attrape, Rachid ASEYAKHE (D-CHAR), jeune chanteur compositeur interprète, à vu le soleil le 11/05/1985 dans la ville côtière de SIDI IFNI où les gens sont attachés par la guitare, la musique et la plage. La musique coule dans le sang de Rachid depuis son arrivé au monde car elle est né dans une famille musicale dont son père étais un guitariste bassiste, et ses 3 oncles entre la percussion et le chant, ils ont formé le 1er groupe de musique à Sidi Ifni et ont marqué son histoire depuis l’indépendance.
Great website from Jose who has written one the best books on Sidi Ifni with wonderful poetry
Great band from Ifni and recorded in Ifni “Makes your legs move guaranteed!” Jack Lily, Daily Moaning “I love the music, I listen and dance to it all the time!” Anne Sée, actress “Vigoureuse! Joyeuse!” Claude du Vin, Courier Anti-Atlas "Sahara-Rock in Arabic and Swiss - a novel powerful fusion!" Stig Sørensen, Heaven's Press
Beautiful Pictures from Jose Mª Barranco on picasa
ifni surf offers: - accommodations near to the surfing spot with view over the sea, right at the beach of Legzira which is known as one of the most beautiful of whole Morocco. - we organize surfing trips to all surrounding beaches and also trips to the sahara and its oases - surfing lessons are held by skilled teachers. the fee includes fees for the wetsuit and board - well-equipped surfing shop - we speak Spanish, French, Italian, English, German, and Arab
El Rincon de Sidi Ifni - Best Spanish Website around with lots of Ifni targeted to broad audience. Highly recommended.
Amigos de Ifni - Spanish Website focussed for former Spanish residents - Barranco is the hero there
Welcome to the website of Sidi Ifni dedicated to its population, friends, former Spanish residents and visitors. Sidi Ifni is located in the South of Morocco surrounded by the mountains of the Anti-Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean. The purpose of this website is to increase awareness of Sidi Ifni enabling everyone to find out about its culture, people, nature and history. The aim is also to encourage everyone to communicate freely via the site.
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