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Renovate a Mountain School in Ifni over Christmas - Social Project
Added On : 23 November 2014

Nikolai Tcherepnine

E-mail: nikolai@tcherepnine.com

                                                                                                                        November 2014


Project:  To renovate a small rural school in a remote rural area in the lower Atlas mountains with a local and experienced team near Sidi Ifni in South Morocco during the Christmas Break

Since I was small my family and I have spent a large part of my vacations year-by-year in Sidi Ifni, a small town in the South of Morocco.  Throughout the years I had the chance to meet many Moroccan people and children from all backgrounds.  Some families truly live in very poor conditions but whenever my family or me were invited to their homes they would share the very last they had with us.  I find it amazing how hospitable Moroccans are and want to return this present by renovating a small rural school in a remote area in the Anti-Atlas Mountains.

In the region Sidi Ifni there are motivated and talented students, good teachers but poorly equipped schools: dirty and unkept with missing doors or windows and no water or electricity.  It is hard to believe that at most of the schools in rural Morocco one or two teachers are responsible for six different grades  with only one or two classrooms which sometimes have leaky or no roofs, no proper windows, missing doors, insufficient and often broken furniture and inadequate or often absent supplies of water and sanitation facilities.  Furthermore, schoolbooks and supplies are limited and beyond the cost of a majority of families.  The majority of children, who have the luxury to be able to go to school, have to walk 5 to 7 kilometres across the mountains to reach the nearest school and the teachers have to travel about 50 kilometres to get to the school because they don’t have a proper residence to live in.  I want to be part of a positive project to help renovate a school to contribute and improve the existing conditions.  To get more background about the region, please refer to our website: www.ifniville.com.  The school is located in the area of Amelou in the lower Atlas Mountains in southern Morocco.

A good Moroccan family friend from Sidi Ifni is the president of Ifni Darna Association engaged in a number of social projects in the region. He told me that I would be welcome to be part of the next project and that his team is always glad to have an extra helping hand.  A team of four (Said, Ismail, Hicham and Yassin who have experience with renovating) and I have planned to work and spend three full days from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm to renovate the school.  The tasks of my team is to renovate a rural village school, called “ Tafraout n Bench” in the area of Amelou, in the lower Atlas mountains in southern Morocco, during winter break in December 2014.

The work out plan is that each one of the team will work on different things.  Some will draw, others will paint and some will clean up the floors and repair roofs, walls and putting in windows and doors. I am doing this project to raise awareness that support is needed in this area and that a small project like this can already make a big difference.

I plan to raise a total of 5,000 EUR to buy all of the necessary resources for the following:

·         Exchange the wooden door with a new strong steel door and a new lock: 200 EUR

·         Replace glass of windows: keep the good windows and only change the broken glass: 80 EUR

·         Painting of ceiling and walls: paint the ceiling with white colour for more lighting and the wall with four different colours to give every wall a different colour 300 EUR

·         Paint the 3 blackboards and the desks with a fresh colour: 80 EUR

·         Paint the outside of the school in traditional red: 90 EUR

·         Create a school sign including animation and the school name ( Arabic and French ): 60 EUR

·         Plant 5 Eucalyptus trees: Eucalyptus trees grow large and resist in the mountains and provide shade:  160 EUR

·         Connect the school and the classroom to the power line and install a fuse box and counter: 400 EUR

·         Install lavatory and toilet: buy toilet seat and sink, change tubing and renovate the old toilet  340 EUR

·         Connect the school with water: buy a new electric pump and connect it to the lavatory: 600 EUR

·         Purchase and install desktop computer, projector and a printer for showing  and printing school materials: 1,500 EUR

·         Purchase of three lamps: 250 EUR

·         Purchase necessary school material: schoolbooks, notepads, pencils, printing paper and other supplies: 600 EUR

·         Purchase and install a solar boiler for the lavatory: 450 EUR


I am trying to raise this money from friends and family to support my team to help the children and to make their school time a positive period of their lives to remember. 

It will make a huge difference and as many previous school directors have said after having had their school renovated “The smiles you’ve put on the children’s faces are priceless”, this is a great project to invest into! The money and the resources that I will collect will flow directly into this project with intermediaries involved. I will also document the work and progress with pictures and descriptions and provide every sponsor with updates, so that everyone will see for themselves what I have done with their donation.

If you would like to support the project you can do this by transfer on the attached bank account or PayPal details.  I am also available for any further questions you might have and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing festive season to you and your families.



Nikolai Tcherepnine

Payment Details

Via European Bank account:  IBAN: DE84300700240544344500; BIC: DEUTDEDBDUE

Account holder: Alexandre Tcherepnine, Deutsche Bank, Brehmplatz 4, 40239 Düsseldorf, Germany

Via PayPal: shop@tcherepnine.com



When you make the payment, please quote „Ifni School“ as a reference.

Background of Ifni Darna Association

This small association is non-political and non-profit and focusses on the following

·         Contribution to social projects, cultural and sporting

·         Awareness of the importance of the voluntary act

·         Actions in the environment, education, women, children, and health.

·         Organization of exhibitions, seminars, training courses and forums.

·         Elaboration of tools for reflection and action.


Past Projects:


Renovated three schools: 5,000 EUR

Built lavatory in school which never had one: 2,000 EUR

Repaired a broken well in a village: 400 EUR

Built a small house (bedroom, kitchen and WC) for an association in a mountain village focused on improving literacy in the region: 5,000 EUR

Installed water supply for school: 450 EUR



Hicham, Said, Yassin and Ismail




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