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Mapa del Territorio de Ifni 1960
Mapa del Territorio de Ifni 1960
Mapa de Ifni y Canarias
Mapa de Ifni y Canarias - 1960
Mapa de Ifni 1940
1940 - very rare - consists of seven individual maps - high resolution - please feel free to zoom in CARTOGRAPHY After the occupation of Ifni, the Cartographical Service of the Spanish Army immediately arrived for the topographical procedure. In charge of this were: E. M. Noreña, who died for his nation in 1936, Commander Cagapo, chief of the geographical service, and General Lombardero, chief of E. M, of the first military region, in charge of directing all the astronomical, geological and topographical operations. The Geographical Commission of Morocco started working in June, 1934. This work lasted 6 months, after which the border and all the territory was finished, in spite of the very high temperatures and the delay of the material that was transported by the “Spain, num.5”, which found it very difficult to disembark due to the rough sea. It rained heavily and they couldn’t work for twenty days. In this short time the map of almost all Ait Ba Aamrán (Ifni) was ready, though it was published in 1940 because of the GLORIOUS MOVEMENT. The map was accurate enough for its purposes, taking into account the short time it took. The map was published in 8 pages, in colour.
Croquis del Territorio de los Ait Ba-Amaran Ifni
Croquis del Territorio de los Ait Ba-Amaran Ifni Escala 1:100.000 Talleres del Servicio Geografico del Ejercito - 1957
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