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Travel - The concierge - No question goes unanswered
Added On : 27 March 2009

Travel - The concierge - No question goes unanswered
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9 October 2008
Time Out
Pg. 143
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This week Morocco

Ros Sales, editor of Time Out's 'Morocco: Perfect Places to Stay, Eat and Explore', published on November 6 (Ebury, £14.99), shares her expertise.

I want winter sun - is Morocco hot?

'To be sure of warm, sunny winter weather, head south to Marrakech, Sidi Ifni, the southern oasis routes, or the area around the Anti-Atlas, Souss Valley and Ameln Valley. In Marrakech, with daily mid-winter temperatures around 15-20C.'

Is it cheap?

'The tourist explosion in Marrakech has brought expensive luxury riads (traditional Moroccan houses with gardens inside) and resorts to the city and its hinterland. It is still possible to find decent, attractive accommodation here for a reasonable price (under £50), but the real budget end of the market is probably best avoided.'

Is smoking hash legal?

'No. But as Morocco is the world's largest cannabis producer it's usually tolerated as long as it's discreet. It's best to avoid street dealers (a younger souk stallholder is a better bet; don't ask, wait for his approach). And never buy more than a small amount.'

What's the best riad?

'At the top end of the market, there's the Riad Farnatchi - a striking update of the local aesthetic, with black and white as a backdrop to intricate woodworked screens and finely carved stucco. Furniture was designed and made in Marrakech.'

Send your travel questions to concierge@timeout.com.

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