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Jumper Festival
Added On : 24 January 2010




Sidi Ifni and Legzira

█████████████████ █ ▌T R A N C E▐ █ ██████████████████
█████ █ ▌ P S Y
M I N I M A L P R O G R E S S I V E▐ █ █████

►Nasdek ►Digital Minimal of Shiva [Spain]
►Kalo ►Reability Time Project [Italy]
►Djane Gheda ►Neurosys [Italy]
►Starixx ►Electronic Experience_DMS [Morocco]
►Fado ►Electronic Experience [Italy]
►Kavahjava ►Drem Project Tribe [Italy]

██████████████████ █ ▌T E K N O▐ █ ██████████████████
██ █ ▌[Hardtek
TribeFrenchcoreDnbElectroBreakbeat..]▐ █ █

►Micky_Noyzer_23 Vs. Monster ►Indipendent [Uk _Italy]
►JoshU@ ►Noise Squad System [Italy]
►Suburbass ►LeDiableAuCorps_WAR_Astrofonik Rec [Cz_Fr]
►Starixx ►Electonic Experience [Morocco]
►Sirio ►Audiogenic [Italy]
►Sebastian ►Underground Crew [Italy]
►Jona ►Indipendent [Italy]
►Cassertek ►Indipendent [Italy]
►The Sickest Squad ►R-909 [Italy]
►Nippi ►Indipendent [Uk]
►FRM ►MKN Brigade [Italy]
►DNT ►MKN Brigade [Italy]


█████████████████ █ ▌T R A N C E▐ █ ██████████████████
█████ █ ▌ P S Y
M I N I M A L P R O G R E S S I V E▐ █ █████

►Starixx ►Electronic Experience_DMS [Morocco]
►Nasdek ►Digital Minimal of Shiva [Spain]
►Maya ►Technoexperience [Italy]
►Kalo ►Reability Time Project [Italy]
►Poli ►Reability Time Project [Italy]
►Nizar ►U. F. O. DMS Rec.[France]
►PsyPal ►Electronic Experience [Italy]
►Dark el kante ►Adama Records [Australia]
►Max Minimal_Tek ►Electronic Experience [Italy]
►Dox ►Electronic Experience [Morocco]
►Djane Gheda ►Boundless [Italy]
►Dbabsyk ►N.O.S [Morocco]
►Ettam ►Reability Time Project [Italy]
►Adm ►Indipendent [Morocco]
►Euthanapsy ►Indipendent [Morocco]
►Lando ►Indipendent [Morocco]
►Audiotape aka Alion ►Elektro Osmosis [Italy]
►Jona Vs Nippi(The Brothers) ►Indipendent [Italy]
►N.E.S. ►Drem Project Tribe [Italy]
►Voltage Selector ►Drem Project Tribe [Italy]
►Daroom ►Indipendent [Morocco]
►Ronny ►Letal Vibes [Italy]

██████████████████ █ ▌T E K N O▐ █ ██████████████████
██ █ ▌[Hardtek
TribeFrenchcoreDnbElectroBreakbeat..]▐ █ ██

►Monster ►Indipendent [Italy]
►Micky_Noyzer_23 ►Indipendent [UK]
►ZimO ►Noise Squad System [Italy]
►IroN ►Noise Squad System [Italy]
►Liar ►Esasperatek [Italy]
►Spk ►Esasperatek [Italy]
►Suburbass ►LeDiableAuCorps_WAR_Astrofonik Rec [Cz_Fr]
►Stewe Rider ►Indipendent [Italy]
►Bas3boy ►Underground crew [Italy]
►Audiotape aka Alion ►TEkn'ROll crew [Italy]
►Sonik ►Tribe unitz [Italy]
►Molotov ►P.S.K. [Italy]
►Makromak ►P.S.K. [Italy]
►Napalm ►P.S.K. [Italy]
►E-tek ►P.S.K. [Italy]
►Vito ►Tribe unitz [Italy]
►MDJ ►Tantatekno [Italy]
►Kraken ► Droidsound [Italy]
►Pociashanty ► MKN Brigade [Italy]

Chill With Electro-world ambient music, traditional Moroccan groups and special live fusion instrumentals sets, the chill out will offer you different types of musicals journeys. Programme available soon... Deco Electronic Experience
Reability Time Project
Digital Minimal of Shiva
U.F.O Records

Location On the Atlantic coast between Sidi Ifni and Agadir Google Map [click here] Entry fee Get your ticket soon!

Eager to provide the best hospitality and preserve an intimate vibe, the organization has limited the number of participants to 500 . This will also protect the fragility of the wonderful location.

Presales from March 1 to July 20th

Jumper' s Festival & Minimal Reunion Ticket : 50 € ON PRESALE 100€ AT THE DOOR The admission fee including both parties

Jumper's Fesival & Minimal Reunion ticket includes: 7 nights of partying, 7 nights of camping (if you bring your own tent) and 7 breakfasts.

►2 sound systems 40kw martin audio each
Ambient / Chill-Out
► Laser-Video ShOW
►Swimming zone
►Camping zone
► Psy Bar
► Psy_ Fluoshop
► CD Store
► Abir Création Store:
► Fire Illusion by Revolution Fire:

to be announced soon... Infos Sidi Ifni is the main town on the Atlantic coast between Agadir and Tan-Tan. It belongs to the Sous-Massa-Draa economic region and to the Tiznit province. Its inhabitants are mainly Berbers from the Ait Baamrane tribe. In 2000, an important fishing port was concluded, which serves as a base for fish exports.
to be announced soon...

To get to Morocco from anywhere in the world, check those web sites To get to Sidi Ifni from anywhere in Morocco

Jet 4 You
Atlas Blue

Try to book the flight to Agadir

To get to Sidi Ifni from anywhere in Morocco

Organizer Electronic Experience
Reability Time Project
Digital Minimal of Shiva Email jumpersfestival@yahoo.com Website [click here]

Submitter Starixx Starixx ICFP
Morocco/Bologna Casablanca
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