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King Draws up New Provinces - Sidi Ifni
Added On : 26 March 2009
King Draws up New Provinces
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29 Januar 2009
Maghreb Confidential
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The days when Morocco's sovereign rode by horseback across his kingdom to fortify the "baia" - or "allegiance" of his subjects - are gone. Over the years, the government has played an increasing role as the royal palace's go-between with the citizenry. That was the case with the administrative shake-up decided by Mohammed VI on Jan. 22. Thirteen new provinces (carved out of existing provinces) were created and an equivalent number of new governors will be named to pass on the population's concerns and grievances to the government. The aim is to defuse tension stemming from a lack of local infrastructure. Provinces receive direct funding from the central government and a guaranteed access to services such as water and electricity. That doesn't apply to "circles," entities encompassing several municipalities within a province. Sidi Ifni, a "territory" of the Ait Baamrane tribes - where riots broke out in June following demonstration of jobless graduates - has won the status of a province.

As has "Rhamna", a constituency controlled by former deputy interior minister Fouad Ali El Himma. Some of the new provinces were already economic hubs with growing populations like Berrechid, Youssoufia, and Sidi Bennour. The king also nominated a raft of new walis and governors. In the sensitive area of Western Sahara, no territorial changes were introduced but new bosses were appointed: Mohamed Jalmous was named wali (government representative) of the Laayounne-Boudjour-Sakia El Hamra region and governor of the province of Laayoune. Hamid Chabar became wali of the Oued Ed-Dahab Lagouira region (the southern part of Western Sahara) and governor of the province of Oued Ed Dahab. At the interior ministry, Abdechakour Rais, former inspector general of the territorial administration, was appointed the ministry's secretary-general. And Mohamed Tricha, who served as general manager of the public TV and radio broadcaster RTM between 1986-2002, was appointed the leading wali of interior affairs. Beween 2002-2005, Tricha was wali of the Oued Ed-Dahab Lagouira region.


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